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Give yourself and family a peace of mind by undertaking taking out a comprehensive life insurance policy.

With life insurance when the unexpected occurs, your children, dependants or other beneficiaries will be provided a source of income either as a lump sum or a series of smaller sums.

Total Finance centre life insurance offers a range of policies broadly categorised into 2 groups:

Term (Temporary) Life Insurance Term (Temporary) Life Insurance

Term (Temporary) Life Insurance Permanent Life insurance

With Term Life Insurance, life insurance coverage is guaranteed over a specified period of time for a specified premium and payout. Variants of term life insurance are Mortgage Protection life insurance that covers your mortgage payment period & Level Term Insurance that pays a lump sum in the event of the policy holder’s death during the term of the policy.

With Permanent Life insurance, your policy would be a life-long as the policy never expires and upon the occurrence of the event you are a specified premium. The variants of Permanent Life Insurance include whole life insurance, critical illness cover, accidental death cover, income protection cover, 50 plus plans, universal life insurance and endowment policies.

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